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Financing the real economy

We offer private investors the opportunity to participate in a multi-trillion dollar global trade industry by extending short term revolving credit facilities to selected & established trade finance specialists. Loans are fully collateralized by the underlying real assets and pre-sold contracts. We invest alongside insurance companies, large institutionals, government agencies and pension funds. Lyra Capital selects top-tier non-bank lenders facilitating the movement of essential commodities from where they are sourced and stored, to where they are needed. The Fund will allocate capital to 7-15 managers with vehicles pursuing various trade finance strategies covering all inhabited continents.

Fund Profile

A diversified portfolio mitigates economic, sector and country risks. A same direct portfolio would require a minimum initial investment of approximately USD10mio versus a minimum ticket of USD100k for the Global Trade Finance Fund.

Portfolio Duration

Geographical Focus

Portfolio Liquidity

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Highly diversified, high quality investment portfolio with short term average duration

Underlying Portfolio Data (as of 31.12.2020)
Total Net Assets of Target Funds (USD)$2,988 Million
Average Size of Target Funds (USD on weighted basis)$170 Million
Number of Target Funds / Notes15
Number of Target Funds / Notes Manager11
Average No. Of Years of Fund Activity (on weighted basis)5,17 Years
Number of Loans2,606
Number of Borrowers310
Targeted Average Tenor6 Months





  • Access to a diversified borrowers’ base. Comprising approx. 2’5000 loans across 350 borrowers globally.

  • Eliminates typical barriers to entry for investors

  • 5-7% target net annual return
  • Low volatility <1%
  • Stable growth

  • Open-ended vehicle providing ease of exit, liquidity


Net Performance After Fees

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Performance of the fund VS other asset classes


yearly positive returns
since inception
Target annualized
Returns net of all fees
to all other
asset classes

The fund is open ended and subscriptions can be taken by the 20th of each month. Simply provide the PPM and your instructions to your bank.
For any information or support you can contact the Portfolio Manager Mr Gonzales Florenzano: carlos@lyracap.com

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