Portfolio Management

The core engine behind building each portfolio is articulated around three key principles:

Prime target is to capture best available risk adjusted returns offered by the markets. (That implies low total expense ratio and turnover, high liquidity, large diversification, and ongoing investment discipline)
Capital preservation always takes precedence over expected returns. (we favour controlled risks over chasing high returns, stable growth over high volatility, strategic over tactical moves)
Apply common sense and diligence in our actions and communications. Continuity is paramount to any successful investment story. It requires us to set the limits of our expertise and insure the ability of sourcing outside what we consider the best when not having it in house

A 360° assessment of current situation and objectives will be carried out to define your short- and long-term investment targets and cash flow requirements. This should allow a good understanding of current situation and objectives, an efficient planning of asset allocation, the building and implementing of your portfolio, as well as reporting calibration and control mechanisms.


Course of action

We make suggestions in line with your profile, source investment ideas on your request while the ultimate decision to proceed or not remains with you. Lyra Capital may act on an execution basis only following your direct instructions.This requires your regular involvement in investment decisions and a reasonably strong understanding of financial products.

Based on profiling, Lyra Capital selects, implements and monitors investments on your behalf. Those portfolios are tailored to your requirements and can be adjusted according your own restrictions/preferences.We report and explain to you as frequently as you wish.


Jurisdiction(s) of the account(s): Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Monaco amongst others
Structure(s) to hold the account(s): Personal or corporate
Bank(s): Choice of custodian(s) in view of the type of services required by you


And also

White Labelled Family Funds:
From a certain threshold, Lyra Capital will incorporate a private investment fund for you/your family. It will be co-managed by Lyra Capital as regulated Fund Manager together with an investment committee comprising members selected by you. The investment memorandum sets the rules and ensures a high level of governance and cost efficiency.