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“Made in China becomes
Made in South East Asia”

Lyra Asian Value gives you exposure to a panel of the best stocks benefiting directly from industrialisation of South East Asia, increasing wages and purchasing power of the middle class within the fastest growing economies in the world.

A strong increase in industrial production and trade flows.

This means the need for new infrastructure resulting in strong demand for shipping services, rail lines, new roads, airports and access to insurance services.

A research of competitiveness with the emergence of home grown national champions.

Some of the largest and best brands are in fact scaling back their exposure to China in favour of neighbouring countries. China itself is relocating production centres from coast line to strengthen their competitive advantages.

A significant increase in wages.

Incomes increase for everyone, but the clearest impact is on strongly rising minimum wages favouring mass market consumer demand with affordable housing, cars, better quality packaged food and health care services being the primary beneficiaries.

Forced upgrades in communication, banking and storage infrastructure.

The new middle class demands access to high speed internet, a multitude of TV channels and information sources as well as clean water and new variety of food products, entertainment and bank accounts.

“Buying Growth at Value”

We select companies that are capable of achieving strong growth with a proven business model, robust corporate governance, solid investment moat and proven track-record for delivering shareholders value. The portfolio consists of around 20 to 30 holdings in shares, has a low turnover rate and offers daily liquidity.


Monthly Returns (Dividend reinvested and net of fees) Issuer UBS AG, Broker UBS Singapore Branch, Administration UBS London, Daily NAV &Liquidity

 JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecFund YTDBenchmark


20115.14%-1.38%-2.83%2.72%2.09%2.69% 8.50%-14.49%


Cumulative Return / Monthly Returns

Benchmark is an aggregate of 70% MSCI South East Asia MXSO and 30% MSCI China MXCN


Our financial metrics combines quantitative deep value approach for its bottom up stock selection with qualitative inputs of the macro and geopolitical situation. We buy companies offering:
High Growth: In their segments or geographies, with potential for market share gains providing above-peer growth rate, proven business model or competitive advantage.
High quality: Strong and stable free cash flow generation, strong organic growth, dominant market position in their sectors with high barriers to entry, solid corporate governance with a focus on equity shareholders, attractive dividend yield

Portfolio Sector Allocation

Portfolio Country Allocation


Key StatisticsPortfolioBenchmark
Annual Rate of Return2.8%-2.4%
Annualised Standard Deviation13.3%16.7%
Return Last 12m-16.2%-18.1%
Standard Deviation Last 12m12.5%17.4%
Sharpe Ratio since Inception-0.06-0.36
Best 12 Month44.4%38.0%
Worst 12 Month-29.8%-29.9%
Max Drawdown-31.7%-40.5%
Percentage of Positive Months55.0%55.6%


Benchmark in an aggregate of 70% MSCI South East Asia MXSO and 30% MSCI China MXCN

For investments, simply provide your bank with your instructions and the Term Sheet below.
For any question they or you can contact the Portfolio Manager, Mr Toh: daniel@lyracap.com


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