Lyra Capital investment team members have between 15 and 20 years of experience in the financial industry, covering the fields of private banking, business consulting, mergers and acquisitions, investment fund advisory, commodity trading, private equity and markets research. Similarly, each member possesses an extensive international education combined with a long-term presence in South East Asia. With fluency in several Asian and European languages and a strong anchor in Japan, the team will provide you with holistic financial advice along with privileged access to the best of what the region has to offer.

Charles Monney


Charles is the CEO of Lyra Capital. He cumulates more than 20 years professional experience as an investment banker for leading financial institutions in the UK, Singapore and Switzerland. He studied Foreign Affairs at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva and at the University of Vienna obtaining his master degree is 1996. In 2007 He founded Lyra Capital Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Besides managing several clients’ portfolios, he heads the investment committee of the company. Fluent in English, French and German.

Carlos Gonzalez Florenzano

Managing Partner

Portfolio and Fund Manager at Lyra Capital, Carlos benefits from a solid field experience of over 15 years. Starting as hedge fund analyst for several years, he then joined a major trade finance company in Singapore where he specialised in structuring short term financing for commodity traders and in selecting top class fund managers for its clients. On Lyra’s board since 2016, he runs the Global Trade Finance Fund and private clients’ portfolios. Carlos holds a Master’s degree from the SDA Bocconi Business School in Milan. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Fatia Sugito

Director, Operations & Risks

Ms Sugito is Director of operations and risks. She supervises the mid and back office for Lyra Capital, oversees procedures, reporting , audit & legal requirements with the firm’s third party service providers. In terms of risk management and operations, she controls trades reconciliation and monitors potential alerts / deviations provided by our internal systems. She is fluent in Indonesian, Malay and English.

Thomas Teo

Analyst & Portfolio Manager

Mr Teo heads research for Lyra Capital. He focuses on the consumer sectors, infrastructure companies & mass market retailers in China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. He has built quantitative models, risk & qualitative metrics for managing direct exposure in China and SEA and acts as CIO for Lyra Asian value portfolio. Besides, he oversees our discretionary global asset allocations. Key member of the investment committee, Thomas graduated in economics and finance from University of London & holds a Master in Applied Finance from Singapore Management University (SMU).

Mia Kankaanpää

Public Relations

Ms Kankaanpaa has been providing the Board of Director with potential risk management and operational improvement recommendations since 2012. Together with Fatia she is responsible for liaising with the external compliance and the external internal audit. In addition, her role also includes public relations of the company with medias and third parties involved in the matter.

Noraini M Zaini

Administrative Officer

Ms Noraini joined Lyra in 2020, she ensures the smooth running of the company’s office and its administration. Having worked several years in the logistic sector, she is a very well organised liaison officer for our third party service providers. She is fluent in English and Malay.