Our Values

What differentiates Lyra Capital from many are the values we
are living up to in the accomplishment of our work with you.
They will be at the centre of our relationship and always
present when defining our actions.



Independence is a core element of our work with you. It starts with the liberty to choose in full knowledge what you and us believe are the best fits to achieve defined objectives. This will require freedom of speech and independence of choice. No conflict of interest. No Favouritism. No kickbacks. We work for you, we answer to you.



When it comes to your wealth and legacy, nobody but you knows better what is to be achieved. Lyra Capital will empower you to build your investment strategy, to implement, monitor and control it sustainably. In the way you prefer.



We believe the first mission in managing assets is to protect them from unconsidered threats and badly assessed options. Rainy weather, changing rules, difficult life chapters are part of anyone’s journey—but Lyra Capital stands by with the proper tools, expertise, and network to always keep some powder dry.


Don’t Bank on Hoppers

Like trust, successful investment planning requires steadiness and time. Lyra Capital operates with the objective of providing continuity and stability to its clients. We are proud of it as the second-generation is now building on what their parents have started with us.

Our Services

Investment Management
Legacy Planning

What is the best way to protect your wealth from potential creditors and minimise third-party impact when passing it over? You can easily measure the complexity of the answer.

Lyra Capital works directly with experts in several jurisdictions across the world to ensure you are reliably advised on the setup, coordination and implementation of investment companies, trusts, foundations, holdings, life insurance policies, and potentially all-inclusive international redomiciliation plans.

When deemed appropriate, Lyra Capital, on your instructions, can act as protector or nominee in representing your interests on the board of such corporate structures.

Global Custody

From June 2020, we offer clients the possibility to open accounts directly with Lyra Capital — It is quick and efficient with having your assets safely custodised in Switzerland. As long as you qualify as an accredited investor under Singapore law, we can offer this service starting from USD 500,000.

  • Lyra Fast Track Account Opening (3 working days) upon receipt of your documents.
  • Direct access to your account at all times. Online trading (BUY/SELL) from your smartphone/computer anytime covering most investment products and currencies (including cryptos).
  • Money transfers and payments.
  • Dedicated personal contact throughout the relationship with full access to Lyra’s range of investment services.
  • Institutional Pricing.
Other Services

Complementing wealth management services, our team offers support on the following:

  • Real estate transactions: search, buy, sell, mortgage.
  • Maritime and aircraft structured financing.
  • Design and implementation of philanthropic impact programs.
  • Consolidated reporting and analytics on all assets you wish to include. (inhouse system)
  • Gold, precious metals transactions.